Why President Peña Nieto can’t be Charlie Hebdo

On January 7th, 2015, the France magazine Chalie Hebdo suffered a violent terrorist attack. Twelve people were killed during the attack caused by three Mussulman radicals. After the big shock that the news produce all over the world, Mexico President, Enrique Peña Nieto sent a tweet expressing his condolences to the French society and government.

But Peña Nieto is maybe the most inappropriate person for express indignity. During his government, Peña Nieto compromised to improve the freedom of press, but the reality is other. Just last year ,2014, Mexico suffer around 200 aggressions against journalist (Articulo 19), this was the most dangerous year for journalist, even worse than 2007. The incredible of the report is that at least 59% of those aggressions were committed by public functionaries and just 6.7% by criminal organizations. The attacks to press buildings increase 39% during the same year.

Casa de los Derechos de los Periodistas (CDP), an NGO informed that in the same year 9 journalist were killed in Mexico; Miguel Ángel Garduño, Gregorio Jiménez, Omar Reyes Fabián, Benjamín Galván Gómez, Jorge Torres Palacios, Norberto Herrera Rodríguez, Indalecio Benítez Mondragón & his son Juan Diego Benítez, Octavio Rojas Hernández and Jesús Antonio Gamboa Urias. CDP informs show that there are 620 cases reported in which journalist suffered an attack for do their labor (NoticiasTerra).


Foto Cortesía: Ilse Huesca Vargas

On January 2nd,2015, the journalist Moisés Sánchez Cerezo was reported as missing, Peña Nieto never sent a tweet expressing his preoccupation, the case looks like it was omitted by the –worried for the liberty press- president. Sanchez was kidnapped in his own house, witnesses say, and the kidnapers stole a computer, a camera and a smartphone. On December 15th, 2014, Sánchez reported that he and some neighbors decided to create a self-defense committee, causing the anger of Omar Cruz Reyes –Medellín de Bravo’s Mayor- who, in word of some anonymous informers said that the mayor want to give him a lesson(Article19).

The press situation in Mexico looks very attacked by the own government, but Peña Nieto seems to omit it intentionally, while he is showing indignation to the international community for a crime against the French press. Peña Nieto can’t be Charlie Hebdo as long as our country, our journalist and our freedom of press are under a frontal government attack.

Note, at the end of this post, 13 polices were under investigation as a part of an investigation (InformadorMx) and Omar Cruz Reyes –Medellín de Bravo’s Mayor- will declare. A corpse was found on the border of a highway, 40 kilometers of were the kidnap occurred, Sánchez family asked for a DNA test in order to try to identify the corpse (ElEconomista).


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